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   ABOUT US        

A radiant complexion and small pores at REVIDERM, we understand the signs of healthy, beautiful skin. Our specialists have been working alongside leading dermatologists to develop products and skincare programs since 1986. They are perfectly tailored to your personal skin type and are particularly gentle. To create our innovations, we combine medical research and technology with highly effective cosmetics.

Our state-of-the-art instruments, dermocosmetic products and treatments improve and refine your complexion with long-lasting effects. For example, our deep-acting peeling treatment with microcrystals is a particularly gentle yet effective procedure. As a pioneer in microdermabrasion, we have established ourselves as a global market leader in this field, and always strive to use our medical skincare techniques to achieve long-term success.

"No matter what quantum leaps the field of cosmetics can expect in the future, REVIDERM will provide the inspiration."
Dominik Bauermeister, REVIDERM owner



Dermocosmetics: Cutting-edge skincare meets personal consultations

Everyone's skin is unique. This is why REVIDERM has developed a comprehensive skincare plan:

Well-founded diagnosis: Using computer-aided skin analysis, we find out exactly which types of treatment are most suited to your requirements.

Personal consultation Store finder: We work with around 10,000 beauty institutes and skin specialists in more than 50 countries around the world. These experts are trained by us and ensure that you benefit from our long-standing experience and expertise in cosmetics.

Targeted treatment: Each treatment is tailored precisely to your skin's condition and needs to ensure that you obtain the best possible results from our dermocosmetic products and skincare programs.

Dedicated to the health and beauty of your skin: Gain a detailed overview of REVIDERM's company history.






REVIDERM and its products are being mentioned in the press with increasing frequency. We are particularly proud to have appeared in renowned publications such as VOGUE, ELLE, Madame, Gala, Instyle, Freundin, In, Bild der Frau and Brigitte.


Sophisticated treatment plans for your skin: REVIDERM leads the way in dermocosmetic skincare with its state-of-the-art technology and premium quality. Our vision is brought to you worldwide by around 10.000 certified institutes and trained beauticians in more than 50 countries.

Use REVIDERM's store finder to locate highly trained skincare specialists in Germany, Austria and Switzerland!



Certified skinmedics institutes are at the heart of REVIDERM philosophy: Dermocosmetic specialized institutes with carefully selected specialists who devote themselves with passion and expertise of your skin. The most beautiful combination of medicine and cosmetics.



The benefits of becoming a REVIDERM partner at a glance:

1) First-class training: We share our skincare expertise with you by providing intensive training and CPD opportunities.

2) High standard of service: REVIDERM is committed to creating comprehensive treatment methods and achieving the best possible medical skincare results. Your clients will benefit from our passion and skills.

3) Highly effective skincare programs: Use our highly effective dermocosmetic products and treatments to successfully revitalize your clients' skin.

4) Be awarded for your hard work: Every year, we present the Best in Medical Beauty award to honor partners who have shown outstanding dedication. Use this quality seal to support your marketing and promotional activities.

5) Attractive commission plan: Impress your clients with your work as our partner and you will be rewarded with a good level of commission.

6) Have your say: Our Client Advisory Board represents your interests to REVIDERM's Executive Board.

7) skinmedics flagship store concept: Institutes belonging to our global network all use REVIDERM's corporate design and branding. We support you by providing marketing, sales and training services.

Benefit from a close working relationship by becoming a REVIDERM partner today all you need to do to get started is fill in the contact form!





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