Quality made in Germany 

Fascinated by the complexity of the skin, we at REVIDERM have united innovations in active ingredients research with discoveries in modern dermatology since 1986. The phenomenon of injury healing and its similarity with the natural regeneration processes of the skin has inspired us to new successful directions.

With REVIDERM multiple award-winning and intelligently conceived range of instrumental and formula-based cosmetology, we embody ‘quality made in Germany’. All of REVIDERM products are developed and produced in cooperation with scientist and researchers. Years of experience and passion for the skin and the cosmetic craft have made REVIDERM the international market leader in microdermabrasion. Today more than 10,000 leading dermocosmeticians and medical professionals worldwide succeed in helping to unfold the natural beauty, power and beauty of every skin, thereby revealing the inner radiance of its owner. 

About us

Andreen was a little girl that lack of confidence since elementary school, as she has freckles on her face. Some thinks that she is very cute with freckles, yet she herself did not think so. She tried makeups to cover the freckles in secondary schools, but the makeup had caused her face dried. She started her career as a beautician since 1998, looking for a solution for her freckles. However, the technologies on that time can only offer Alpha Hydroxyl Acid (AHA)…

True care products

The basis of beautiful skin begins with regular and thorough cleaning in the morning and evening. For a clear and pure complexion, fat, sweat, dirt particles and make-up have to be removed. Cleansing milk, gel and foam tailored to the skin, as well as the eye make-up remover from REVIDERM, gently free the skin of all stresses without leaving any residue, without drying it out or relubricating it. Balancing toners remove limescale residues from the tap water, clarify, soothe and moisturize the skin…

The REVIDERM system

Skin-identical procedures and products, which are based on the processes and building blocks of the skin, lead to the best possible results and maximum tolerance. Thanks to the proven REVIDERM microdermabrasion, for example, the skin is freed from damaged cells and residues and then rebuilt with the missing active ingredients. We deliberately do without standard programs, but consider each skin need for itself. Because every customer has their own requirements and their own care needs…

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