Andreen was a little girl that lack of confidence since elementary school, as she has freckles on her face. Some thinks that she is very cute with freckles, yet she herself did not think so. She tried makeups to cover the freckles in secondary schools, but the makeup had caused her face dried. She started her career as a beautician since 1998, looking for a solution for her freckles. However, the technologies on that time can only offer Alpha Hydroxyl Acid (AHA).

In 2002, she engaged an international skincare brand to further enhance her product knowledge as well as technologies to provide solutions to customers skins and slimming procedures. Her freckles were cured by laser as well. She was expecting in 2009 and 2013, and the freckles problems haunted her once more, due to the hormone transformation. She had encountered Reviderm medical beauty technology and skincare products from Germany, with the anti-spot technology in their products, solving her freckles once and for all, she had not encountered the freckle problem when she got pregnant again in 2016.

Since then, the customer satisfactory and team management had become her ultimate purposes. In order to strive for the best, she will visit the skincare company located in Germany and Belgium to enhance her knowledge in skincare management skills and technology. After 22 years in skincare management, she decided to pursuit her dream by emphasize in Germany Medical Beauty Technology in 2017. She intended to inherit her German’s Medical Beauty Technology skills and knowledge to those that share similar passion with her, assisting customers to have the perfect skins.


Perfecting every life, enhance with beauty and charisma.


Enhancing every female’s confidence within, by providing them the flawless skins.


Commitment, Served with Passion, Credibility, Teamwork and Dedication

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