Pico Laser (or picosecond laser), is a non-ablative laser that is mainly used for pigmentation removal, acne scars, skin rejuvenation and brightening, and tattoo removal.  The Pico Laser works in ultrashort picosecond laser pulses instead of nanosecond pulses in a Q-Switched Laser.

Pico Laser represents the cutting edge of a type of laser technology known as short-pulse lasers. These lasers are designed to “flash” incredibly quickly, in Pico Laser’s case in trillionths of  a second. this rapid flashing minimizes the amount of heat and creates a photomechanical effect that’s highly effective in removing unwanted pigment. Pico Laser sends small, rapid bursts of energy deep into the skin to break up areas of hyperpigmentation.

Pico Laser’s ultra-fast pulses and specialized wavelengths work together to minimize the amount of heat that is transferred. Less heat means less damage to surrounding skin and less risk of injury. Pico laser treatment works by using pico-sound pulses to alter changes within epidermis and dermis layer.

Laser energy is delivered to the targeting ink of the tattoo and breaking it down into smaller particles. The particles are eliminated through the body’s natural processes resulting in a lightening of the tattoo ink. This latest technology helps by erasing multicoloured, black and previously treated tattoos.

Clinical studies show:

  • Smooth and firm of the skin surface
  • Equalise the complexion in the event of hyperpigmentation or uneven skin pigmentation
  • Refine the texture and the appearance of pores
  • Light-related skin ageing is repaired
  • The skin structure is optimised
  • The skin quality and appearance of strophic scars are improved
  • The face hair will be reduced
  • Improve the appearance of the skin with all forms of blemishes through to acne
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