50039 Purity Roll On


SIZE: 10ml

Principal Component:
Wild indigo, micro silver, hamamelis and licorice extract, zinc gluconate, provitamins B5 and B6, hyaluronic acid

Anti-inflammatory anti-spot concentrate in a handy roll-on. Hygienic immediate aid against spots and skin impurities. Alleviates irritation and redness. Micro-Silver has a strong anti-bacterial effect, without drying out or irritating the skin.



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The roll-on with micro-silver is an effective immediate aid for the first signs of spots and impurities. Irritation and redness is immediately reduced. The neuro-cosmetic ingredient from the seeds of tephrosia purpurea (wild indigo), a tropical wild plant, is effective against itching and tingling of inflamed skin. As an anti-stress factor, the subjective well-being is continuously improved.

The micro silver has a strong anti-bacterial effect and continuously inhibits pathogenic germs without drying out or irritating the skin. Micro silver is absolutely skin compatible and is even recommended by the German neurodermatitis union. Zinc gluconate supports the effects of alleviating inflammation and limits the growth of pathogenic germs. Panthenol, hyaluronic acid and tannin from witch hazel (hamamelis) stimulate wound healing.The concentrate can be applied precisely, quickly and hygienically and does not contain any alcohol nor perfume.

Apply purity roll-on when required mornings and evenings directly to the problem areas (spots, impurities, redness or irritation). Then apply as usual your day or night care.
* On very inflamed impurities the purity roll-on can be used several times per day. Can also be applied as prevention for the first signs of spots and impurities – if the localized skin areas are swollen, red or feel hot.

  1. 野生灰葉根Wild Indigo:有即時消腫降紅及修復傷口作用。
  2. 微米銀Micro Silver:由德國著名研究中心研發專門醫治炎症肌膚的成分,擁有100多項國際專利;是一種天然、安全且高效的抗菌劑,保護皮膚同時防止感染發炎,可強效吸收各類細菌體內的蛋白酶,令細菌失去活性繼而死亡。
  3. 金縷梅及甘草提取物Hamamelis and Licorice Extract:舒緩皮脂腺壓力,代謝腺體內的硬化皮脂。
  4. 葡萄糖酸鋅Zinc Gluconate:加快炎症傷口癒合,重點撃退頑固暗瘡疤印。
  5. 維他命原B5 B6 Provitamin:補濕及修復受損肌膚。

早晚潔面後定點塗抹於所需部位,然後塗上合適的面霜;如發炎部位較為嚴重,可一天塗抹4至5次 (使用時該部位有機會感到微熱及微紅,此乃屬正常消炎現象,其後很快便消失)。