50057 Refresh Eye Gel


Refresh Eye Gel
SIZE: 15ml

Principal Component:
Clear Eye Factor, mangan, palmitoyl oligopeptides, palmitoyl tetrapeptide-7, biomimetic amino acid complex, hyaluronic acid

Cooling eye-gel with hyaluronic acid and skin-identical amino acids for intensive hydration. The innovative Clear Eye Factor fights circles under the eyes effectively in a unique way. Skin density increases, cells are activated. Very skin-compatible, suitable for contact lens wearers.




Refresh Eye Gel
A skin identical (biomimetic) moisture system creates intensive and long term moisture and smoothens fine lines and wrinkles in the blink of an eye. Natural moisturizing factors refill the skin’s moisture depots and additionally increase the pressure condition within the cell (turgor).

The patented active agent complex activates enzymes to decrease the pigments in the blood that are responsible for the dark color of bags under the eyes. It additionally stimulates the microcirculation and hence removes blockages and supports the removal of toxins (metabolism degradation products).

Matrikins improve the skin tone and firmness. The skin density is increased and the creation of tear sacs is prevented.

Mornings and evenings, apply with circular movements around the eye. Gently apply the gel with the rolls onto cleaned eye area skin.

  1. 明眸亮眼因子 Clean Eye Factor (寡胜肽Palmitoyl   Oligopeptides):保護膠原不受任何損傷,激活III型膠原的生長,更有抗醣化作用。
  2. 四胜肽 Palmitoyl   Tetrapeptide-7:針中改善淋巴循環,協助眼周毒素排解,從而改善眼周色素問題,阻止彈性蛋白纖維流失。
  3. 透明質酸 Hyaluronic Acid:補充肌膚底層水分,同時打通水通道,令肌底持續吸收水分。
  4. 仿生氨基酸 Biomimetic Amino Acid Complex:模擬人體8種氨基酸及3種多醣比例製成的植物性成分,活化肌膚造水能力,形成天然鎖水薄膜,防止水分被蒸發流失。

早晚潔面後使用,擠少量到指尖輕按眼部至吸收,配合生化膠原激活眼霜 Intense Eye Cream於晚間使用,淡紋效果更佳。

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