80056 Pycnogenol OPC Cream


SIZE: 50ml

Principal Component:
Pycnogenol (OPC), hyaluronic acid, chia seed oil, phytic acid, vitamin A-ester, zinc, UVA – UVB filter SPF 20

This high quality day cream SPF 20 with OPC and age-less beauty-effect protects your skin. High-purity OPC is extracted in a patented procedure. Rich in antioxidants, this active cell protection is preventing the degeneration of cells. In order to achieve tightening and smoothing of the skin repair processes are activated and the natural skin functions are supported. Additionally, zinc counteracts inflammatory processes, redness and irritations subside faster. This product is suitable for all skin types and ideal for the treatment of couperose.




Free radicals can damage the cells in our skin and are one of the most important causes for skin aging. Pure Pycnogenol (OPC), produced through a patented technique, is considered the strongest antioxidant known to science. Therefore the Pycnogenol OPC-Creme creates the best possible long-term cell protection and slows skin aging.

The pure OPC which is obtained through a patented process neutralizes free radicals. It acts as oxidation protection and hence improves the healing of inflammations, the development and stabilization of collagen in micro-vessels as well as the connective tissue. Among other things this is what makes this day care ideal not only for sensitive and vessel deficient skin but for permanent reddening and seborrhea, too.

In addition to the creation of new cells it also stimulates the collagen synthesis and improves the natural interconnection of collagen fibers. The overall skin structure becomes firmer, lines and wrinkles are smoothened.

Hyaluronic acid creates a deep hydration and helps retain moisture in the skin long-term. Selected oils such as Chia seed oil provide the skin with valuable omega-3 fatty acids for increased resilience and as prophylaxis against skin inflammations.

The included SPF 20 protects the skin from any sun-induced damage. However, the cream does not replace special sun care products!

Apply and massage in lightly in the mornings and evenings after cleaning the face. Avoid eye region.

  1. 葡萄籽多酚OPC:此乃Reviderm全球首創原花青素、生物類黃酮與白藜蘆醇的完美結合,其抗氧化、清除自由基、抗敏的能力是維他命C的20倍、維他命E的50倍,能減少自由基達85%,是國際上公認的清除人體內自由基最強效的天然抗氧化劑;同時更可預防因荷爾蒙失調及更年期帶來的所有肌膚問題,與維他命A結合更可加強預防暗瘡的形成,保持毛孔暢通。
  2. 碧蘿芷 Pycnogenol(提取自法國松樹):以高溫低壓專利萃取,乃世上唯一一款類黃酮穿透血管障壁以保護及修復血管作用,同時增強皮膚免疫系統以抵抗炎症。
  3. 維他命A Vitamin:令表皮變得平滑細緻,改善粗大毛孔。
  4. 透明質酸 Hyaluronic Acid:大大提升肌膚水潤度達1000倍,達致調理肌底自我造水及鎖水能力,令細胞長期處於濕潤環境中,有助提升癒合能力。
  5. 鼠尾籽油 Chia Seed Oil:含極高Omega-3、蛋白質及鈣質,能達致強效消炎,同時亦能加促組織傷口癒合。
  6. 鋅 Zinc:可以提高免疫活性細胞的增殖能力,刺激抗體反應,提高免疫功能。
  7. 植酸 Phytic Acid:加快表皮壞死細胞及多餘角質自然脫落。

日間潔面後塗抹至吸收,晚間可配合生理調控晚間乳液 Recharge Night Fluid