50038 Silver Detoxifying Mask


SIZE: 50ml

Principal Component:
Pure micro-silver, panthenol, bisabolol, licorice extract, hyaluronic acid

Balancing and calming mask with a DMS base and anti-bacterial micro-silver. Inflammation is reduced. The skin is brought back to ist natural balance. Silver detoxifying mask is effective against skin irritation.



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The convincing caring effects result from the unique composition of DMS plus pure, concentrated micro-silver. Skin identical lipids (DMS) restructure continuously the protection barrier of the horny layer. Due to this the transepidermal water loss (TEWL) is contained and the loss of moisture counteracted. Hyaluronic acid supports this by means of a deep moisturization.

Micro silver has an anti-bacterial effect and optimizes the skin flora. Skin damaging micro-organisms are neutralized and impure skin with local inflammation is brought back to its natural balance, without drying out the skin.

Licorice extract regulates sebum distribution and has a normalizing and balancing effect. The proven composition of panthenol and bisabolol supports this effect.

Irritated and stressed skin is calmed by this unique formulation already after the first treatment. When used regularly, the mask helps prevent new skin outbreaks and inhibits the inflammation process.

Apply 3-4 times per week thickly to the cleansed skin. Leave out the eye area. Leave to take effect for approx. 15-20 mins. Remove the rest of the mask with luke-warm water.

Since the amount applied has an influence on the cosmetic effect, it is recommended that the mask is applied in a thick layer, so that it intensively cools and calms the skin.

  1. 納米銀 Pure Micro-Silver:有效吸附肌底囤積的重金屬雜質,全面打通肌膚吸收管道。
  2. 透明質酸 Hyaluronic Acid:補充肌膚底層水分,同時打通水通道,令肌底持續吸收水分。
  3. 維他命原B5 Panthenol:高效保濕作用。
  4. 紅沒藥醇 Bisabolol:萃取自德國洋甘菊,有卓越的抗菌功效,同時鎮靜舒緩,增強細胞組織抵抗力,以對抗炎症。
  5. 甘草 Licorice Extract:調控舒緩皮脂腺壓力,代謝腺體內的硬化皮脂。