50058 Hydro Infusion Serum


SIZE: 30ml

Principal Component:
Filaggrinol, biomimetic amino acid complex, hyaluronic acid, sodium PCA, allantoin, panthenol

Moisture infusion for the skin – helps the skin to help itself (double action from the inside out). Relieves feelings of tightness; even severely dehydrated skin is protected against dryness on a lasting basis. Rapid reduction in fine lines and wrinkles caused by dryness. Inhibits the formation of milia, which are often caused by a disrupted NMF balance in the epidermis



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Hydrophilic serum for regulating the skin’s own moisture supply in the epidermis by adding external hydration.

The complex of active substances known as filaggrinol stimulates the formation of the protein filaggrin in the epidermis. This protein is involved primarily with the creation of the skin’s own amino acids, which are responsible for the production of NMFs (natural moisturising factors). This enables the skin to better supply itself with moisture, as the pool of amino acids is increased.

At the same time, the serum’s biomimetic amino acid complex, together with hyaluronic acid, provide the epidermis with immediate and intensive hydration. The self-regulation of water in the epidermis cells is improved and the turgor increased. This restores plumpness and freshness to the skin.

Over the long term, the skin’s self-sufficiency is improved, which is particularly important for atopics (genetic lack of filaggrin), people prone to milia or xerotic complexions.

All hydro2 infusion products serve to improve the osmotic regulation of the epidermis.

Apply 2-3 drops to the face and neck mornings and evenings after cleansing and toning, then gently pat in. Shake before use.

  1. 聚絲蛋白 Filaggrinol:為獨家專利成分,有吸水磁石之美譽,有效吸附產品成分中之水分並保持100%滲透,改善肌膚敏感度;同時更能增加自身氨基酸合成,令皮膚保持水潤飽滿。
  2. 仿生氨基酸 Biomimetic Amino Acid Complex:模擬人體8種氨基酸及3種多醣比例製成的植物性成分,活化肌膚造水能力,形成天然鎖水薄膜,防止水分被蒸發流失。
  3. 維他命原 B5 Panthenol及尿囊素 Allantoin:高效保濕作用。
  4. 透明質酸 Hyaluronic Acid:補充肌膚底層水分,同時打通水通道,令肌底持續吸收水分。


  1. 早晚潔面後使用,先搖勻並擠出1至2PUMP塗抹全面連頸,然後塗上聚絲蛋白注水面霜 Hydro2 Infusion Cream
  2. 有機會於瓶內出現半透明至白色的微結晶體,此乃產品中之微量元素成分,使用前只須搖勻便可。