70002 Pores Refining Toner


Pores Refining Toner

SIZE: 200ml

Principal Component:
Marine silk, dipeptide PP-3 (encapsulated in liposomes), enan¬tia oleanol, sodium PCA (pyrrolidone carbonic acid)

Balancing toner with the skins own moisture complex stabilises the skins pH. A biometric soft peeling refines the texture of the pores during a subsequent cleansing. Skin cornification is regulated, resulting in a radiant, healthy complexion. Used in combination with a pore refining foam, the result is sleeker, smoother feeling skin.



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Pores Refining Toner
Pore Refining Toner contains a skin-identical moisture complex, which occurs as the main component of NMP (natural moisturizing component) in the epidermis. This biomimetic moisturizer assists in the improved storage of moisture and improves the condition of dehydrated and dry skin.

A newly developed peptide composition prevents the skin from becoming horny, whereby the bonds – the so-called desmosomes – between the horny cells are regulated (biomimetic peeling effect). Horny cells loosen themselves easier from their bonds and scale off regularly. The skin surface becomes balanced and smoother.

Enantia Oleanol reduces pore lumen and balances the skin surface. In traditional medicine this bark extract is also well-known for its anti-inflammatory effects. Due to regulation of the sebum flow any shine on the skin is also reduced.

The mussel fiber extract of marine silk optimizes the production of keratin and increases skin suppleness.

Apply generously on two cotton wool pads to the face, neck and décolleté. The application can be repeated entirely or locally on very horny skin.

  1. 卵磷脂Lecithin:取自大豆,有「皮膚解毒劑」之稱的抗氧成分,能深入血液循環以加快肌底毒素排解,從而改善暗粒及膚質粗糙問題;其分子更類似植物雌激素,於生理期間或荷爾蒙轉變時調節乾涸膚質,同時此成分更有親水及增加血紅素功能,有助皮膚細胞吸收氧氣,令皮膚顯得光滑柔潤。
  2. 維他命原B5 Panthenol:高效保濕作用。


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