70005 Eye Contouring


SIZE: 15ml

Principal Component:
AGF anti-glycation formula (encapsulated in liposomes), marine silk, DMS derma membrane system, omega fatty acids (argan oil), hyaluronic acid, phospholipids, ceramide-3, niacinamide, hydrofiltrate menyanthes vitamin E, clear eye factor, oligopeptides

Exclusive specialist care for optimal contouring for the area around the eye. An effective collagen booster and a moisture balance system fortify and smooth the skin. resilience you can see, allowing the contours to appear freshly modelled. Unpleasant shadows around the eyes are neutralised. The mild texture provides a silky skin sensation.




Clear eye factor contains a completely new approach to fight off unwanted eye rings: the active agents directly activate the break-down of blood pigments and the system of blood cleansing in which the distribution of a skin enzyme is stimulated, which is mainly involved in the degradation of bilirubin (end break-down product of haemoglobin). At the same time pigmentation residues are broken down and eliminated by means of a chemical complex.

Additionally oligopeptides and tetrapetide-3 – both matrikines – have an effect as cell messenger and improve skin tone and firmness. They increase the thickness of the skin and of the capillaries in the eye area.

The ceramide complex stimulates additionally the moisture binding capabilities, firms cell structure and supports the skin’s own protection functions. Skin-identical lipids and essential fatty acids stabilize the barrier function of the sensitive skin in the eye area. Ectoin together with different radical scavengers are effective as a natural protection substance, activate the skin’s own repair mechanisms and protects against stress factors. Marine silk improves keratin synthesis and makes the skin supple. A special highlight is the effect of the AGF anti-glycation formula, as the complex is encapsulated in liposomes and has an especially deep penetrative effect. In this way the cross-linking of the collagen and the prominent wrinkle production in the eye area can be prevented more efficiently.

Apply Eye Contouring mornings and evenings sparingly to the cleansed skin and gently massage in until it has completely penetrated. If necessary repeat the application.

  1. 專利生化亮眸因子 Clear Eye Factor:激活血紅蛋白以淨化眼周循環系統,有效代謝頑固色素及黑眼圈並防止反黑,減少水腫及收緊眼袋。
  2. 四胜肽 Palmitoyl Tetrapeptide-7:針中改善淋巴循環,協助毒素排解,從而改善色素不勻,阻止彈性蛋白纖維流失。
  3. 磷脂 Phospholipids蘊含極豐富的神經醯胺,有效重建及強化皮膚保護屏障,防止水分營養被蒸發流失。
  4. 維他命 C 磷酸鈉鹽 Vitamin C-Complex (SAP)能抑制酪胺酸酶活性,防止肌膚因光化及自身因素激活黑色素出現,故有效保持膚色白淨均勻。
  5. 寡胜肽 Oligopeptide:促進膠原蛋白,彈力纖維和透明質酸增生,提升肌膚含水量,從而減少細紋。
  6. 透明質酸 Hyaluronic Acid:大大提升肌膚水潤度達1000倍,達致調理肌底自我造水及鎖水能力,令細胞長期處於濕潤環境中,有助提升癒合能力。