80027 Thermal Tonic


Thermal Tonic


Principal Component:
Thermal water, allantoin, panthenol, bisabolol, aloe barbadensis gel, Calcium PCA

This specially prepared thermal water contains valuable minerals and provides your skin with trace elements that were lost. Balancing active agents have a calming effect and regulate the skins protection.

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Thermal Tonic
Thermal Tonic unfolds its conditioning effect after cleansing and immediately stabilizes the skin’s pH value. The acidic stimulation of the skin surface in turn stimulates the skin’s own enzymes and supports the epidermis’ natural regeneration.

The extra dose of calcium and the high content of valuable minerals (such as magnesium, potassium) in the thermal water create a daily re-mineralization of the epidermis. As “biological chief” of the natural cornification process, calcium is essential for regulating the epidermal cells’ division, movement and adhesion. It also rebalances the interaction of all three processes. This benefits the barrier restructuring, i.e. the reconstruction of the corneal layer barrier. This effect is particularly important with skin conditions that have a cornification disorder (e.g. psoriasis) or that are prone to scales and roughness (e.g. sebostatic and xerotic skin).

Thermal Tonic uniquely combines the synergy effects of calming active ingredients (allantoin, panthenol, bisabolol, aloe) with the therapeutic effects of mineral salts. Thermal Tonic benefits every type of skin and helps to restore the natural balance. The tonic is gentle, perfectly skin compatible and even suitable for people with atopic conditions.

Apply generously with a cotton wool pad mornings and evenings after cleansing evenly to the face, neck and décolleté.

  1. 天然溫泉水 Thermal   Water及鈣鹽 Calcium   PCA:當中的微量元素有效極速保濕,防止皮膚出現鈣化,促進肌底循環,有效立即修補因過度乾涸而破裂的角質層。
  2. 維他命原B5 Panthenol及尿囊素 Allantoin:高效保濕作用。
  3. 紅沒藥醇 Bisabolol:保濕、舒緩及鎮靜緊張的肌膚。
  4. 蘆薈萃取 Aloe Extract:有效舒緩肌膚不適感,同時增進水分滲透,使水分直接進入組織,達致補濕效果。


使用水解膠原卸妝乳Cleansing Milk潔面後,直接泵2至3PUMP於乾棉片上並抹淨作爽膚用途,亦可直接以掌心輕拍至吸收。特別針對缺水、暗黃疲倦及浮腫面型

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