80032 Eye C Perfection


Eye C Perfection
SIZE: 15ml

Principal Component:
scorbyl glycoside, manganese gluconate, caffeine, silk protein, hyaluronic acid

With the help of a unique formula our reconstructive eye care not only rejuvenates your skin but also prevents visible signs of ageing. Skin like lipids guarantee skin compatibility. Eye C Perfection prevents loss of moisture and protects the skin from dehydration, moisture chambers are refilled. Long term effects are ensured by a constant and controlled supply of vitamin C. The perfect supply of this important vitamin stimulates the natural build-up of collagen and make your skin visibly smoother. Silk proteins create a silky smooth and soft skin sensation. Aunique composition of manganese and caffeine succesfully combats swelling and unattractive shadows under the eyes.

主要成分:綜合微囊維他命 C、錳微量元素


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Eye C Perfection
The eye-care with DMS has a multifunctional application: eye wrinkles, barrier damage of the horny layer and dark eye rings.

Due to the lamellar structured cream base with fatty acids and DMS the “cementing substance” is repaired and therefore the protection barrier of the skin restructured. This prevents the skin’s own moisture from evaporating and reduces TEWL (trans-epidermal water loss). Additionally hyaluronic acid guarantees an active long-term moisturization.

Stabilized vitamin C (ascorbyl glycoside) ensures an anti-wrinkle effect at the same time as the new production of collagen firms connective tissue. This active form of vitamin C also neutralizes enormous amounts of free radicals and prevents the premature breakdown of collagen. Due to the controlled release of vitamin C, the required and continual supply of the skin cells is guaranteed.

A unique composition of manganese and caffeine stimulates cell metabolism and boosts the natural microcirculation in the skin. Tired eyes are refreshed and vitalized; darkness around the eyes is reduced.

Silk proteins give the skin in the eye area a unique velvety soft feeling.

Apply Eye C Perfection mornings and evenings in circular movements along the eye contour and gently pat in.

  1. 維他命 C 磷酸鈉鹽 Vitamin C-Complex (SAP)能抑制酪胺酸酶活性,防止肌膚因光化及自身因素激活黑色素出現,故有效保持膚色白淨均勻。
  2. 錳微量元素 Mineral Manganese Complex有效維持皮膚的代謝率,更加協助細胞製造能量及再生,更有助血液及淋巴循環調節,排除浮腫毒素,令皮膚展現健康剔透亮澤!
  3. 咖啡因 Caffeine:能幫助皮膚收歛血管,排出多餘積水,減輕浮腫現象,從而舒緩眼部浮腫、黑眼圈及眼袋。


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