80049 Purifying Gel


Purifying Gel

SIZE: 200ml

Principal Component:
mild tensides, fomes officinalis, Kudzu root extract, glycyrrhetinic acid, hammamelis

This gentle purifying gel for oily cleanses the skin thoroughly and balances oily skin. Additionally, it optimizes the skin flora, which in turn reduces blemishes and prevents them from appearing. The result: smaller pores and a smooth and even complexion.



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Purifying Gel
The mild and sebum regulating cleaning was specifically designed for anti aging with oily skin. Surplus grease is gently removed and the sebum flow is inhibited. The skin flora’s stabilization repels bacteria. Impurities are prevented.

A special active agent complex has astringent effects and makes the pores contract already during the cleansing process, which refines the complexion. Anti-irritant components and free radical protection truly round off the mode of action.

Work the purifying gel into foam in the palms of your hands using water. Using circular motions wash your face, neck and décolletage in the morning and evening and then remove thoroughly with lukewarm water.

天然洗滌劑 Mild Tenside (取自椰子脂肪酸):有效輕易溶解殘妝及油脂污垢,没有刺激性,同時預防皮膚乾燥、發揮滋潤及保護功效。

阿里紅 Fomes Officinalis (取自菇類):有效收歛、緊縮毛孔及滋潤作用,使皮膚更顯柔滑細緻而沒有繃緊乾燥感覺。

葛根提取物 Kudzu Root Extract:當中的類黃酮,能滋潤肌膚,增加彈性,顯得細膩光澤!改善毛孔粗大,皺紋亦明顯減少。

金縷梅 Hammamelis:分解毛囊內的污垢及過厚角質,舒緩炎症。

甘草次酸 Glycyrrhetinic Acid:有效抗痕癢及發炎,迅速舒緩痕癢和炙熱感覺。

泵1至2 PUMP於雙手,於皮膚上輕柔打圈(可沾少少水),清洗乾淨後塗上毛孔淨肌水Purifying Tonic

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