80074 Recharge Day Fluid


SIZE: 50ml

Principal Component:

Highly-concentrated serum for noticeably firmer skin. Suitable for all skin types, in particular for skin showing the first signs of aging and an uneven skin tone that is in need of regeneration.

主要成分:脂質調控N分子, 阿里紅(取自菇類), 乳香脂酸, 三胜肽, 鋅, 植酸


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This fragrance-free serum stimulates the skin’s natural regenerative power to the fullest extent. The main component is the active ingredient MatriBuild©, developed exclusively by REVIDERM, which optimises the structure of the extracellular matrix (ECM) like a veritable skin architect. It increases the formation of all components within the ECM. These include polysaccharides, glycoproteins, electrolytes, amino acids and proteoglycans. Matrix components make up, for example, the macromolecule hyaluronic acid which gives the skin a youthful volume by holding water. The better the quality of the ECM, the better the quality of the skin since all of the chemical messengers that are important for skin renewal are able to implement better cell-to-cell communication. The active principle of the ECM repair concentrate HD is the perfect introduction to medicinal active ingredient cosmetics. The skin renewal “matrix” is built up:

1. Regenerate ECM: the quality of the extracellular matrix is improved, ensuring more beautiful skin. Self-healing mechanisms are supported and have a balancing effect on problem skin types.

2. Reactivate ECM: the skin renewal processes are sustainably stimulated, biomechanical forces are mobilised and cell communication is improved.

Every morning and evening, apply 2-3 drops to the face and neck after cleansing and toning and massage in lightly. Apply day or night cream afterwards.

1. 脂質調控N分子Sebu Control Complex N:由牛奶胜肽、穀氨基酸等組成,有效阻擋過量雄性激素刺激皮脂腺,可持續防止過多的油脂分泌。由於皮脂大大減少,故有效防止細菌在皮膚表面黏附繁殖。

2. 阿里紅Fomes Officinalis (取自菇類):有效收歛、緊縮毛孔及滋潤作用,使皮膚更顯柔滑細緻而沒有繃緊乾燥感覺。

3. 乳香脂酸Boswellia Acid:存在乳香樹膠樹脂中,有抗發炎的特性。經實驗證實能有效抑制兩種發炎酵素(白三烯S-lipoxygenase和白血球彈性酶HLE,它們會傷害組織,接著便會引起發炎一連串過程),令皮膚組織保持健康。

4. 三胜肽Palmitoyl Tripeptide-5:加促纖維母細胞製造膠原蛋白纖維,改善紋理,促進皮膚再生修復能力。

5. 鋅Zinc:可以提高免疫活性細胞的增殖能力,刺激抗體反應,提高免疫功能。

6. 植酸Phytic Acid:加快表皮壞死細胞及多餘角質自然脫落。