80091 Hyaluron Hydro Balance HD


SIZE: 30ml

Principal Component:
Hyaluronate (low+highmolekular, biomimetic aromatic amino acid complex, Niacinamide

This active agent concentrate provides maximum moisture and immediately improves your complexion. The natural skin identical moisturizer is absorbed into the skin and refills cell depots in the long-term. Skin is protected against dehydration and small wrinkles and lines caused by dry skin are reduced. For fresh and vital feeling skin.




The active agent concentrate re-establishes the overall moisture balance and refills the deposits long term. The smoothening effect on dryness related wrinkles and fine lines is instantly visible. The intensive moisture penetration gives the skin a fresh, long lasting and vital look.

Different hyaluronic acid molecular sizes (low + high) are worked into a new synergistic and skin identical (biomimetic) hydro complex and optimize the moisture retention capacities.

The small molecular hyaluronic acid and the niacinamides create a synergy effect and accelerate not only the ceramid synthesis but also the conversion of filaggrin to NMF. This not only ensures an external refilling of the moisture deposit but also indirectly increases the volume of amino acids in the skin. Additionally, small molecular hyalurons suppress the formation of pro inflammatory messenger substances (Cytokines, IL-8, TNF-).

High molecular hyaluronic acid possess an enormous water retention capacity. The long term and surface-active moisturizer creates a tangible filling effect, which in turn leads to an immediately visible smoother skin. This is also called “plumping”.

After cleaning in the mornings and evenings, apply to the face, neck and décolleté  and massage it into the skin.

  1. 5%雙重分子透明質酸Hyaluronate   (low+high molekular):有效重新調理肌底細胞的自然鎖水功能及肌底自我造水效果,讓肌膚持續柔軟水潤細緻。
  2. 煙酰胺Niacinamide:與小分子透明質酸結合能轉化成天然保濕因子NMF及加促神經醯胺Ceramide的合成,水溶性質感令產品更易吸收,同時有快速止癢及放鬆灼熱繃緊的敏感膚質。
  3. 仿生氨基酸Biomimetic Amino Acid Complex:模擬人體8種氨基酸及3種多醣比例製成的植物性成分,活化肌膚造水能力,形成天然鎖水薄膜,防止水分被蒸發流失。