80147 Calming Silver Spray


Calming Silver Spray

SIZE: 100ml

Principal Component:
Wild indigo, micro silver, boswellic acid (frankincense), panthenol

Calming Silver Spray is the first cosmetic spray which combines the cortisone-similar effects of frankincense, the anti-bacterial effects of micro silver and the neuro-cosmetic effects of an anti-stress factor. Of course without any side-effects! The boswellic acids of frankincense with an effect similar to cortisone inhibit the migration of inflammation cells in the skin and pro-inflammatory irritation in affected tissue. Additionally the activation of immune cells is regulated.



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Calming Silver Spray
The neuro-cosmetic active agent from the seeds of tephrosia purpurea (wild indigo), a tropical wild plant, is effective against itching and irritation of inflamed skin. As an anti-stress factor it improves continuously the subjective well-being.

Micro silver has a strong anti-bacterial effect and continuously inhibits pathogenic germs without irritating or drying out the skin. Micro silver is very skin compatible and is even recommended by the German Neurodermitis Union.

As daily care Calming Silver Spray stabilizes even sensitive skin prone to allergies, dispensing valuable minerals and a lot of moisture. It has a cooling and calming effect after sunbathing and thermal or mechanical treatments in the salon.

In the salon: Calming Silver Spray can be integrated in every treatment procedure as an oil-free concentrate to calm and stabilize irritated skin. Also it is an excellent after-care concept after depilation etc. Spray Calming Silver Spray to the desired skin area and then continue the treatment with the usual skin care.

As home care: Apply mornings and evenings to cleansed skin and massage in. Apply afterwards your usual care creams & masks.

As immediate aid: To quickly calm the skin, apply directly and evenly to the irritated skin. If required repeat several times daily.

米銀Micro Silver:由德國著名研究中心研發專門醫治炎症肌膚的成分,擁有100多項國際專利;是一種天然、安全且高效的抗菌劑,保護皮膚同時防止感染發炎,可強效吸收各類細菌體內的蛋白酶,令細菌失去活性繼而死亡。

野生灰葉根Wild Indigo:有即時消腫降紅及修復傷口作用。

乳香脂酸Boswellia   Acid:存在乳香樹膠樹脂中,有抗發炎的特性。經實驗證實能有效抑制兩種發炎酵素(白三烯S-lipoxygenase和白血球彈性酶HLE,它們會傷害組織,接著便會引起發炎一連串過程),令皮膚組織保持健康。


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