50036 Sicca Control Night


SIZE: 50ml

Principal Component:
Ectoin, panthenol, bisabolol, licorice extract, hyaluronic acid

Balancing regenerative night care for impure, dehydrated skin with increased sebum production. An effective active agent complex activates the skins own repair-mechanism, regulates the sebum production and abates irritaions quickly. Skin-identical lipids and moisturizers with long-term effects make the skin resistant and smooth.



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Balancing night cream with reduced fat for the care of impure skin, which is sensitive and dehydrated (seborrhoe sicca).

The inclusion of skin-identical lipids (DMS) guarantees a constant restructuring of the protection barrier. Because of this the loss of the skin’s own moisture is reduced.

Ectoin activates the skin’s own repair mechanism and improves the stability of the skin. It is optimally protected from influences. The moisture content of the skin is herewith improved.

A chosen licorice extract regulates sebum distribution and has a normalizing and balancing effect.

Hyaluronic acid moisturizes the skin and speeds up the wound healing process at the same time.

Panthenol and bisabolol calm the skin; have an irritation-relieving and anti-inflammatory effect.

Apply evenings after cleansing to the face and neck. The light texture is absorbed quickly. For very dehydrated skin the combination with hydro² infusion serum from cellucur is recommended.

  1. Ectoin天然防護蛋白因子:提取自嗜鹽性細菌,調節細胞滲透度,有助聚集水分子,穩定細胞完整結構、DNA及RNA,啟動細胞中的HSP熱休克蛋白以抵抗外界壓力,促進膠原增生以增加緊實及收歛度,修復已受損肌膚。
  2. 透明質酸 Hyaluronic Acid:補充肌膚底層水分,同時打通水通道,令肌底持續吸收水分。
  3. 維他命原B5 Panthenol:高效保濕作用。
  4. 紅沒藥醇 Bisabolol:萃取自德國洋甘菊,有卓越的抗菌功效,同時鎮靜舒緩,增強細胞組織抵抗力,以對抗炎症。
  5. 甘草 Licorice Extract:調控舒緩皮脂腺壓力,代謝腺體內的硬化皮脂。

晚間清潔後,把產品塗抹皮膚並輕輕按至吸收,日霜則可使用DMS脂膜調節日霜 Sicca Control Day SPF 20