50041 Gentle Cleansing Milk


Gentle Cleansing Milk


Principal Component:
Moringa tree extract, Hamamelis and Licorice Extract, Provitamins B5 and B6, Moisture-Complex

A mild emulsion for the through cleansing of normal, sensitive or irritated skin. Dirt particles and make-up are gently removed without the use of tensides. Active agents detoxify the skin and give a fine and clam skin complexion.



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Gentle Cleansing Milk
Seborrheic, sensitive, irritated skin and couperose need a special cleansing due to their structural and functional characteristics. In this cleansing milk hydrophilic and lipophilic substances carry out the normal task of tensides and thoroughly remove dirty, excess components of the skin, unwanted micro-organisms and their metabolic products, as well as any remaining cosmetics on the skin’s surface. Due to the low lipid content, the cleansing milk is not greasy and does not leave behind an oily film on the skin.

The astringent and anti-inflammatory effect of the composition of hamamelis and licorice is combined with an anti-redness complex provitamins B5, which already relieves irritation and reduces swelling during the cleansing phase.

The detoxifying effect of the proteins from the moringa tree remove dirt particles from the skin and binds toxins. In this way the production of the sebum gland lipids is reduced and the formation with acne-relevant bacteria is inhibited, without causing irritation or damaging the skin barrier.

For cleansing mornings and evenings apply gentle cleansing milk to the face, neck and décolleté with wet hands and massage in gently. Then wash off with lukewarm water. To remove eye make-up apply gentle cleansing milk to a damp cotton wool pad and use this to remove the make-up.

辣木樹萃取 Moringa Tree Extract:加促肌膚血液及淋巴循環,排除肌底毒素。
金縷梅 Hamamelis及甘草提取 Licorice Extract:具收斂抗炎、止癢、傷口瘉合及鎮靜作用。
天然保濕因子 Moisture Complex:保濕、舒緩及鎮靜緊張的肌膚。
維他命原B5及B6 Provitamin:補濕及修復受損肌膚。

泵1至2 PUMP於雙手,於皮膚上輕柔打圈,然後以濕棉片抹淨後塗上淨肌調膚水Gentle pH Balancer作爽膚之用。

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