50046 Couperose Therapy Serum 1


Couperose Therapy Serum 1

SIZE: 30ml

Principal Component:
VEGFstop, phytic acid, zinc gluconate, caffeine, bio-mimetic amino acid complex, niacinamide

Special concentrate to stimulate blood circulation and metabolic exchange in the fine skin capilaries. Reduces excess tissue fluid, has a draining effect and reduces swelling. Intensive care with an anti-redness effect, which gives a clear skin complexion.




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Couperose Therapy Serum 1
In skin affected by rosacea, production of a growth factor increases, making blood vessels more active (vascular hyperactivity) and stimulates blood vessel endothelial cells (inner blood vessel layer). Here in particular, the innovative active ingredient VEGFstop comes into play: by limiting the growth factor of the blood vessels, the creation of new blood vessels is prevented and redness is countered.

Furthermore, VEGFstop soothes inflammation by limiting particular inflammation mediators. Blood vessel flow is reduced and skin tolerance is noticeably improved through the limitation of specific immunologically active peptides.

A special combination of stimulating active ingredients ensures a drainage effect which treats the blood vessels gently. The gentle stimulation of the microcirculation, together with the strong anti-inflammatory effect ensures relief from rosacea in its inflammatory phase.

Apply to the skin after cleansing in the morning and evening and rub in firmly.

  1. 微血管淨化因子VEGF Stop:獨創專利秘密成分,滲透後立即催化皮膚的免疫細胞活性以徹底清洗血管內之致敏原及防止微血管增生。
  2. 咖啡因 Caffeine:有助收歛血管及排出細胞間多餘廢物以減輕浮腫現象,從而令肌膚更平滑緊緻;而且對面部泛紅,微血管呈現的皮膚亦有顯著收歛作用及具抗氧化功效。
  3. 葡萄糖酸鋅 Zinc Gluconate:調節黏膜及皮膚腺體的分泌,以保持皮膚健康免受外來刺激物入侵。
  4. 煙酰胺 Niacinamide:水溶性質感令產品更易吸收,同時有快速止癢及放鬆灼熱繃緊的敏感膚質。
  5. 仿生氨基酸 Biomimetic Amino Acid Complex:模擬人體8種氨基酸及3種多醣比例製成的植物性成分,活化肌膚造水能力,形成天然鎖水薄膜,防止水分被蒸發流失。

潔面後使用1至2PUMP塗抹全面連頸,然後塗上2號免疫修復精華Couperose Therapy Serum 2

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