50047 Couperose Therapy Serum 2


Couperose Therapy Serum 2

SIZE: 30ml

Principal Component:
VEGFstop, pycnogenol, phytic acid, wild indigo, panthenol

Special concentrate containing VEGF Stop and a neuro-cosmetic anti-stress complex to reduce redness and to relieve inflammation. Pycnogenol protects against free radicals and stabilizes the vessels. Reduces any unpleasant feelings and eases skin tension.




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Couperose Therapy Serum 2

In skin affected by rosacea, production of a growth factor increases, making blood vessels more active (vascular hyperactivity) and stimulates blood vessel endothelial cells (inner blood vessel layer). Here in particular, the innovative active ingredient VEGFstop comes into play: by limiting the growth factor of the blood vessels, the creation of new blood vessels is prevented and redness is countered.

Furthermore, VEGFstop soothes inflammation by limiting particular inflammation mediators. Blood vessel flow is reduced and skin tolerance is noticeably improved through the limitation of specific immunologically active peptides.

The neurocosmetic active ingredient made from the seeds of Tephrosia purpurea (wild indigo), a wild tropical plant, works against itching and paraesthesia in inflamed skin As an anti-stress factor it sustainably improves subjective well-being.

At the same time pycnogenol offers maximum protection against the skin-damaging effect of free radicals while additionally stabilizing the blood vessels.

Apply to the skin after cleansing in the morning and evening and rub in firmly.

  1. 微血管淨化因子 VEGF Stop:獨創專利秘密成分,滲透後立即催化皮膚的免疫細胞活性以徹底清洗血管內之致敏原及防止微血管增生。
  2. 碧蘿芷 Pycnogenol(提取自法國松樹):以高溫低壓專利萃取,乃世上唯一一款類黃酮穿透血管障壁以保護及修復血管作用,同時增強皮膚免疫系統以抵抗炎症。
  3. 野生灰葉根 Wild Indigo:有即時止癢及修復傷口作用。
  4. 植酸 Phytic Acid:加快表皮壞死細胞及多餘角質自然脫落。

使用1號微循環緩肌精華Couperose Therapy Serum 1後塗抹1至2PUMP此精華,再塗上微血管修復降紅乳液Couperose Therapy Fluid微血管修復降紅面霜Couperose Therapy Cream便可。


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