70003 Day Contouring


SIZE: 50ml

Principal Component:
AGF anti-glycation formula, marine silk, DMS derma membrane system, chia seed oil (omega-3 fatty acids), argan oil (omega-6 fatty acids), hyaluronic acid, phospholipids, ceramide-3, niacinamide, hydrofiltrate menyanthes vitamin E

Restructring high-performance care with UV broadband filter for optimal contouring during the day. Active ingredients visibly firm and improve elasticity for a clearly defined skin contour. The lift expectancy of the skin cells is extended and their functionality is optimised.




The exquisite composition of DMS, omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids restructure the horny layer, where the skin barrier is stabilized and built-up again. The bipolar lipids can build membranes themselves and can be integrated in the natural membrane layers of the horny layer. The omega-3 fatty acids have an anti-inflammatory effect and this helps the reduction of any itching, skin irritation and flaky skin. The moisture binding capability and the suppleness of the epidermis is improved. Marine silk optimizes keratin synthesis and continuously smoothes the skin.

A highlight is the effect of diterpens teprenone: It is effective on the cellular level as a cell corrector and influences cell physiology to such an effect, that the lifespan and functionality remains. DNA is protected. It is an integrated component of this supply (preventative) skin care concept, which supports the functional and structural regeneration of the skin. Ectoin and additional radical scavengers protect the skin against damage and stress factors, in which the support the skin’s own defense mechanisms. AGF anti glycation formula and vitamins repel the attack of free radicals and prevent a progressive glycation in the exposed facial area. Additionally the tetrapeptide encapsulated in liposomes works as a signal molecule and stimulates the correct organization of collagen, so that the cross-linking and the disorganization of the supporting fibers in the dermal connective tissue can be combated.

Apply Day Contouring sparingly to the cleansed face and gently massage in until it has completely absorbed. Leave out the eye are. If necessary repeat the application.

  1. 替普瑞酮 Diterpens:即萜烯類的物質之一,直達細胞DNA,有效阻斷衰老現象,同時具有組織修復作用,促進受損血管再生。
  2. 天然防護蛋白因子 Ectoin:提取自嗜鹽性細菌,調節細胞滲透度,有助聚集水分子,穩定細胞完整結構、DNA及RNA,啟動細胞中的*HSP熱休克蛋白以抵抗外界壓力,保護同時修復已受損肌膚。
  3. 微囊四肽 Tetrapeptide-9 (Encapsulated in Liposomes):針中改善淋巴循環,協助毒素排解,從而改善色素不勻,阻止彈性蛋白纖維流失。
  4. 神經醯胺 Ceramide-3:促進表皮水合作用以加強細胞間緊密連接,防止繃緊乾燥,使肌膚光滑有彈性。更能滲透至表皮深處,促使乾性皮膚重建鎖水能力,故具有高效的保濕效果。此外更能重啟呆滯細胞,促進基底層細胞增生,從而強化皮脂膜以防止外界刺激物質入侵,更有「補水之王」的美譽,其保濕能力乃透明質酸的16倍!尤其對老化乾性皮膚保濕有效率高達80%。更能抑制酪氨酸酶(Tyrosinase)的活性,令肌膚白皙,晶瑩剔透。

日間潔面後使用,配合4D肌密逆生晚霜Night Contouring作晚霜使用,收緊效果更佳。