70008 Individual Serum


SIZE: 30ml

Principal Component:
Basis: Sodium hyaluronate (hyaluronic acid), sodium PCA (pyrrolidone carbonic acid)

So that every skin receives its individual special care, REVIDERM has developed the idea of the Individual Serum. After carrying out the professional skin analysis in your beauty clinic, the Individual Serum can be composed for the specific customer by adding precious essences. Therefore every concentrate is unique. The following essences for different indications are available: Hydro Infuse, Contour, Un-Wrinkle, Anti-Ox and Red-Ex.




Hyaluronic acid and sodium PCA are the basis of the individual serum. These skin-identical moisture factors have an intensive deep moisturizing and skin regenerating effect. The binding of moisture in the skin is increased and the turgor improved. Due to the break-down of diffusion resistance in the skin, a better penetration of the following active agents applied is improved. Even the basis of the individual serum leaves a soft, velvety and plump complexion.

Apply Individual Serum after cleansing in a thin layer to the face, neck and décolleté and press in gently with the fingertips. After it has completely penetrated, the following care products can be applied.

  1. 透明質酸 Hyaluronic Acid:大大提升肌膚水潤度達1000倍,達致調理肌底自我造水及鎖水能力,令細胞長期處於濕潤環境中,有助提升癒合能力。
  2. 天然保濕因子 Sodium PCA:強化角質層的鎖水功能,大大改善肌膚儲水能力。
  3. 四胜肽 Palmitoyl Tetrapeptide-7:針中改善淋巴循環,協助毒素排解,從而改善色素不勻,阻止彈性蛋白纖維流失。
  4. 野生灰葉根 Wild Indigo:有即時止癢及修復傷口作用。

可根據顧客皮膚需要制定以下五原凝露 (最多只可加入三款):

No. 1 注水凝露 Hydro Infusion Elixir — 缺水型肌膚

No. 2 輪廓塑造凝露 Contour Elixir — 缺乏彈性型肌膚

No. 3 褪皺凝露 Un-Wrinkle Elixir — 紋理型肌膚

No. 4 抗氧凝露 Anti-Ox Elixir — 暗啞/疲倦型肌膚

No. 5 安撫褪紅凝露 Red-Ex Elixir — 敏感/紅血絲型肌膚