70010 Pre Infuse Serum


SIZE: 30ml

Principal Component:
Sodium hyaluronate (hyaluronic acid), Sodium PCA (pyrrolidone carbonic acid), bambara peanut extract, aqua boost, hydro syn

The Pre Infuse Serum introduces the skin to concentrated active agent care. It prepares the skin for the application of the highly-concentrated Individual Serum and the initialization to the highly enriched high performance care.




Skin identical natural moisturizing factors (NMF) have an intensive deep moisturizing and skin regenerating effect. The binding of moisture in the skin is improved and the turgor increased. Due to the breakdown of diffusion resistance in the skin, a better penetration of active agents is guaranteed.

The botanic fillagrin booster stimulates the production of messenger molecules of the skin’s own NMFs (filaggrin) and therefore improves the hydration capacity of the skin. The epidermal differentiation is increased. Synergistically a small messenger molecule of hyaluronic acid (acetylated hyaluronic acid booster) penetrates very well in to the skin and the production of the skin’s own hyaluronic acid is stimulated by fibroblasts.

Apply Pre Infuse Serum after cleansing to the face, neck and décolleté and gently press in using the fingertips. Once the active agent concentrated has been completely absorbed, then carry on with the usual care steps.

  1. 班巴拉花生提取 Bambara Peanut Extract:原本生長於西非之植物,當中蘊含超過24%蛋白氨基酸,有效刺激聚絲蛋白Filagrinei自我增生,從而大量製造天然保濕因子將其他產品成分平均滲透於每一吋肌膚。
  2. 六胜肽 Hexapeptide-10:又名類肉毒桿菌,有效抑制神經傳遞,從而減緩肌肉過分收縮,減少動態表情紋;且更能重組膠原及彈性纖維的活性,改善面部鬆弛及深度紋理。
  3. 透明質酸 Hyaluronic Acid:大大提升肌膚水潤度達1000倍,達致調理肌底自我造水及鎖水能力,令細胞長期處於濕潤環境中,有助提升癒合能力。
  4. 海藻醣 Aqua Boost:直接激活水通道蛋白增生,加強皮膚吸收及排解能力。
  5. 天然保濕因子 Sodium PCA:強化角質層的鎖水功能,大大改善肌膚儲水能力。