80021 Enzyme Peeling Paste


Enzyme Peeling Paste

SIZE: 50ml

Principal Component:
Bacillus Ferment, Kaolin, Larch Fungus Extract

Ideal for all skin types especially with rough skin surface and coarse skin structure with tendency to sensitivities

主要成分:芽孢桿菌酵素, 高嶺土, 落葉松萃取



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Enzyme Peeling Paste
Bacillus ferment, a fermentation-derived protease (protein-splitting enzyme), loosens dead horny cells from the composite. It is contained in a lower concentration than in enzyme peeling liquid, which is why enzyme peeling paste is also suitable for sensitive skin conditions when used alone.

The fine-pasty peeling mask is based on kaolin (white clay) absorptive properties. Kaolin binds dead horny cells (or horny material loosened by enzyme peeling liquid), cell debris and other fine particles on the skin surface. In addition, kaolin calms irritated skin and gives a matt well-balanced complexion. As a result, the enzyme peeling paste is usually pleasant and well tolerated, even for very sensitive skins.

The concentrated larch sponge extract is a natural pore refiner that does not dry out but moisturises.

2-3 times a week apply very thinly over the face, neck and décolleté, and leave to dry. Avoid sensitive eye areas. Lightly remove with pagasling© swaps and clean with cold water.

1. 芽孢桿菌酵素Bacillus   Ferment:具有多種分解酵素且均有極佳的耐高溫性,以當中的澱粉酶Amylase,更集中針對老化及已死去的角質細胞,加以分解其殘餘於毛孔及皮膚表面之蛋白質,達致快速暢通毛孔之用。

2. 高嶺土Kaolin:能幫助吸走多餘油分,去除污垢毒素,消除黃氣,透白肌膚。

3. 落葉松萃取Larch Fungus Extract:有效收細毛孔及平衡油脂分泌,減少角質堵塞毛孔的情況,有效擊退初起暗瘡及粉刺,消炎殺菌。

使用水蛋白黑頭溶解疏導液   Enzyme Peeling Liquid後立即薄敷3分鐘並乾透,然後以乾紗布抹淨便可。

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