70001 Pores Refining Foam


SIZE: 200ml

Principal Component:
Marine silk, dipeptide PP-3 (encapsulated in liposomes), enantia oleanol, vitamin C, vitamin E, l-arginin

Ultra-fine foam for cleansing even the most de-manding skin. Make0up and dirt are gently and thoroughly removed. The soft-peeling complex refines pore relief during cleansing. Renewal mechanisms are activated, the skin appears younger, and the complexion more even. Especially in combination with a pore-refining toner, the cleansing foam gives the skin a silky smooth sensation.



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Mild, surfactant substances form an extremely fine-pored foam and remove gently grease and unwanted substances from the skin surface. A newly developed peptide composition prevents the skin from becoming horny, whereby the bonds – the so-called desmosomes – between the horny cells are regulated (biomimetic peeling effect). Horny cells loosen themselves easier from their bonds and scale off regularly. The skin surface becomes balanced and smoother.

Enantia Oleanol reduces pore lumen and balances the skin surface. In traditional medicine this bark extract is also well-known for its anti-inflammatory effects. Due to regulation of the sebum flow any shine on the skin is also reduced.

The mussel fiber extract of marine silk optimizes the production of keratin and increases skin suppleness.

  1. 仿生維他命 C Vitamin C-Complex (SAP):能抑制酪胺酸酶活性,防止肌膚因光化及自身因素激活黑色素出現;當中更包含絲蛋白成分,故有效保持膚色白淨均勻及加促膠原及彈性纖維形成,從而改善粗大且鬆弛的毛孔。
  2. 精氨酸 Arginine:可以促使肌膚細胞生成一氧化氮,能使血管放鬆及容易充血,以增加血液循環速度。


  1. 作卸妝用途:包括眼唇防水、防汗及防油妝容,直接於妝容部位塗上產品並輕輕打圈,然後以濕棉片抹淨,再進行潔面程序。
  2. 早晚潔面使用:擠壓2泵份量產品於乾爽的面部並輕輕打圈,然後直接以溫水洗淨便可。