80070 Solar Skin Shield SPF 30


Solar Skin Shield SPF 30
SIZE: 120ml

Principal Component:
Oligopeptide, Hyaluronic Acid, Vitamin E, 4. UVA/UVB 30 High Protection + IR-A Protection

High-tech sun care with light and infrared protection (SPF 30). Ideal for all skin types especially for mature skin in need of regeneration

主要成分:寡胜肽, 透明質酸, 維他命E, UVA/UVB 30 High Protection + IR-A Protection


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Solar Skin Shield SPF 30
The REVIDERM bestseller for sun pleasure without regrets! REVIDERM solar skin shield with SPF 30 is a unique dermocosmetic sun protection formulation that combines skin protection and prevention of premature aging: This bi-gel is free of emulsifiers, fragrances and dyes and can ideally be used for damaged, dirty or sensitive skin, light allergies such as Mallorca acne or after medical treatments such as laser, chemical peeling etc.

The high content of hyaluronic acid ensures perfectly moisturised skin. The 3-fold prevention system is unique:

1. High protection against UV and infrared radiation through finely divided pigments and photostable filters. Protection unfolds immediately after application.

2. ‘Collagen protector’ against premature degradation of collagen and elastin by invading light rays. This prevents damage to the connective tissue before it arises.

3. Prevention of photodermatoses (e.g. Mallorca acne) by avoiding emulsifiers.

• The anti-aging sun protection ‒ preserves the skin’s firmness through active collagen protection already during the tanning session

• Multi-functional protection against sunburn, skin aging and photodamage such age spots

• intensive moisture and instant protection

• excellent skin-compatibility, prevents Mallorca acne ‒ even with hypersensitive skin or allergic persons

Apply evenly to face and body before sunbathing. Avoid the eye area. Protection is immediately effective. Repeat application regularly to maintain light protection.

Please note:
To prevent discolouration, avoid direct contact of the solar skin shield with textiles.

1. 寡胜肽Oligopeptide:促進膠原蛋白,彈力纖維和透明質酸增生,提升肌膚含水量,從而減少細紋。

2. 透明質酸Hyaluronic Acid:大大提升肌膚水潤度達1000倍,達致調理肌底自我造水及鎖水能力,令細胞長期處於濕潤環境中,有助提升癒合能力。

3. 維他命E Vitamin:有抗氧化和保濕的功效,能保護表皮細胞的細胞膜免受氧化破壞。

4. UVA/UVB 30 High Protection + IR-A Protection

適合任何皮膚,特別針對中性、乾性、衰老及患有馬羅卡痤瘡Mallorca Acne人士。




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